Sun Yeh OM-F. Đầu điều khiển điện Sun Yeh OM-F Đài Loan

  • Sun Yeh OM-F. Đầu điều khiển điện Sun Yeh OM-F Đài Loan

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Thông tin sản phẩm Sun Yeh OM-F. Đầu điều khiển điện Sun Yeh OM-F Đài Loan

Bộ tác động điện OM-F (60W) Sunyeh Đài Loan với độ bền cao, hoạt động ổn định, giá cả cạnh tranh, Sun Yeh electric actuators are built on high quality; all products have been certified with approval of CE and CSA. As well as the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, REACH, and RoHS certificates. "Perfect Solution" is the only goal for Sun Yeh.

Đặc điểm kỹ thuật của OM-F

Specification Description


Max Torque:65 N.m/576

Speed:6 Sec/90°

Weight:11 kg/24.25 lb

Manual Override:Hand-Wheel ( Có kèm tay quay)

Mounting Flange(ISO 5211):F07


Enclosure :

● IP67、NEMA 4X : Water-proof and dust-proof enclosure.

● Material : Dry powder coating aluminum alloy.

Motor : 

● F (Standard) or H (Optional) insulation class for all models.

● Built-in thermal protection prevents motor burning out.

AC motor:125±5℃/257±9℉ 

DC motor:90±5℃/194±9℉

Working Conditions :

● Ambient temperature:-30℃ ~ +65℃ / -22℉ ~ +149℉ 

● The humidity:30% ~ 95%

Position Indicator :

● All models have continuous mechanism position indicator on the top of actuator cover.

Manual Override : 

● Non-clutch design, the manual operation can be operated without any lever,clutch or brake upon power outage.

● When electric motor is operating, hand-wheel won’t rotate for personal safety purpose.

Gear Train :

● High alloy steel gear trains provide self-locking function to avoid valve back drive.

● Gear trains have been already lubricated sufficiently with anti-high temperature lubricant at the factory.

Conduit entrance:

● Standard : 1/2" PS

● Optional : 3/4" PF, 1/2" NPT, M20

Various voltage:

● AC/DC 12V

● AC/DC 24V

● AC 110/220V,1-Phase


● Nylon coating

● E.D. coating

● Epoxy coating

Motor insulation class:

● Standard: F class

● Optional: H class

Working angle:

● Standard: 0~90°

● Optional: 91~270°


Số 159, đường GS14, KĐT Quảng Trường Xanh, Phường Đông Hòa, TX Dĩ An, Bình Dương.



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