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    High Resolution Interface (HRI) is a universal sensor that is compatible with a wide range of meters, including:

    • Single-jet
    • Multi-jet

    Piston meters with dry-dial and semi-dry registers in glass-copper or plastic housing
    The HRI can be retrofitted on all Sensus meters built since 2008 that are pre-equipped with an HRI modulator.

    The HRI is available in two versions:

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    The HRI-A pulse unit is a high resolution pulser which detects the flow direction.
    The HRI-B data unit is an electronic register with a data interface which supports both hard-wired M-Bus systems and battery-driven MiniBus devices such as mobile meter reading systems. The HRI-B can alternatively be used as a pulse type with configurable pulse output.
    The HRI is more than an extension of a simple sensor; it has been expanded to provide a reliable data source for reading a conventional meter remotely. It fulfills today’s requirements for data interrogation and remote transmission.

    Typical applications include:

    Load profiles via a fixed network using M-Bus or via radio, telephone or GSM modem
    Industrial application (e.g., dosing)
    Remote reading of flow rate and cumulative flow using a frequency converter
    Leakage detection when connected to a data logger
    Generation and transmission of flow profiles using a data logger and GSM modem. The design of the HRI allows the  system to be installed in extreme conditions, such as flooded meter pits.
    Benefits to you
    Retrofits to a wide range of existing and compatible meters
    Detects flow direction
    Does not influence the meter’s performance

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