Đồng hồ nước Baylan Turkey dòng woltmann

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    Baylan Turkey  Woltmann MID Certificated

    Suitable for all positions (Horizontal, Vertical, Inclined)

    Woltmann type design for industrial applications

    IP68 protected dry type mechanism

    Suitable for potable water

    Low head loss Good sensitivity in initial starting

    Body internally/externally e/p powder painted

    Optical reading available 3 years of warranty

    Pulse output and AMR reading features are optional

    Special, thick glass with resistance to impacts

    Almost no maintenance

    Service and spare parts available for 10 years

    At low flows : ±5 % (error) between minimum flow rate (Q1) and transitional flow rate (Q2)

    At high flows : ±2 % (error) between transitional flow rate (Q2) and overload flow rate (Q4)

    Max. Working Temperature : 50°C

    Max. Working Pressure : 16 bar

    Kích cỡ sẵn có của dòng sản phẩm này:

    • Đồng hồ Baylan DN50 lắp đường ống phi Φ60mm (2")
    • Đồng hồ Baylan DN65 lắp đường ống phi Φ73mm (2½")
    • Đồng hồ Baylan DN80 lắp đường ống phi Φ90mm (3")
    • Đồng hồ Baylan DN100 lắp đường ống phi Φ114mm (4")
    • Đồng hồ Baylan DN125 lắp đường ống phi Φ141mm (5")
    • Đồng hồ Baylan DN150 lắp đường ống phi Φ168mm (6")
    • Đồng hồ Baylan DN200 lắp đường ống phi Φ219mm (8")

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