Sun Yeh OM-8. Đầu điều khiển điện Sun Yeh OM-8 Đài Loan

    Thông tin sản phẩm Sun Yeh OM-8. Đầu điều khiển điện Sun Yeh OM-8 Đài Loan

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    Bộ tác động điện OM-8 (120W) Sunyeh Đài Loan.


    • Power:120W
    • Max Torque:1500 N.m/13282
    • Speed:46 Sec/90°
    • Weight:32 kg/70.55 lb
    • Manual Override:Hand-Wheel
    • Mounting Flange(ISO 5211):F12 or F14.


    Enclosure :

    ● IP67、NEMA 4X : Water-proof and dust-proof enclosure.

    ● Material : Dry powder coating aluminum alloy.

    Motor : 

    ● F (Standard) or H (Optional) insulation class for all models.

    ● Built-in thermal protection prevents motor burning out.

    AC motor:125±5℃/257±9℉ 

    DC motor:90±5℃/194±9℉

    Duty Cycle : 

    ● OM-8:30% duty cycle (Standard Model)

    ● OM-8:75% duty cycle (Optional)

    Working Conditions :

    ● Ambient temperature:-30℃ ~ +65℃ / -22℉ ~ +149℉

    ● The humidity:30% ~ 95%

    Position Indicator :

    ● All models have continuous mechanism position indicator on the top of actuator cover.

    Manual Override : 

    ● Non-clutch design, the manual operation can be operated without any lever,clutch or brake upon power outage.

    ● When electric motor is operating, hand-wheel won’t rotate for personal safety purpose.

    Gear Train :

    ● High alloy steel gear trains provide self-locking function to avoid valve back drive.

    ● Gear trains have been already lubricated sufficiently with anti-high temperature lubricant at the factory.

    Conduit entrance:

    ● Standard : 1/2" PS

    ● Optional : 3/4" PF, 1/2" NPT, M20

    Various voltage:

    ● AC/DC 12V

    ● AC/DC 24V

    ● AC 110/220V,1-Phase

    ● AC 220/380/440V,3-Phase


    ● Nylon coating

    ● E.D. coating

    ● Epoxy coating

    Motor insulation class:

    ● Standard: F class

    ● Optional: H class

    Water-proof rating:

    ● IP 68

    Working angle:

    ● Standard:0~90°

    ● Optional:91~270

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