Van bướm D371F-16P (DN40~DN300 nhập khẩu)

  • Van bướm D371F-16P (DN40~DN300 nhập khẩu)
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Thông tin sản phẩm Van bướm D371F-16P (DN40~DN300 nhập khẩu)

Van bướm D371F-16P (DN40~DN300 nhập khẩu)

Model NO.: D371F-16P
Connection Form: Wafer
Seal Form: Force Sealed
Work Pressure: Low Pressure (Pn<1.6mpa)

The stainless steel safety valve of the 304 material is standard 8 ni, and the carbon content is less than 0.08, which is generally applicable to weak acid base, and the opening and closing position of stainless steel valves in each key position of sewage pipeline. Mainly used for corrosive or ultra-low temperature or non-corrosive application. 304 stainless steel is one of the most widely used chrome-nickel stainless steel, with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, if it is industrial atmosphere or heavy pollution area, should be clean in time to avoid corrosion. Suitable for food processing, storage and transportation. Good machining performance and weldability. Plate heat exchanger, bellows, household goods, building materials, chemical, food industry, etc. 304 stainless steel for state-approved food-grade stainless steel. The most important element in the 304 stainless steel valve is Ni, Cr, but not limited to these two elements. Specific requirements are set by product standards. The common determination of the industry is that as long as Ni content is above 8% and Cr content is greater than 18%, it can be considered as 304 stainless steel. This is why the industry would call this stainless steel 18/8 stainless steel. In fact, the relevant product standards have very clear rules for 304, and these product standards are different for different shapes of stainless steel. Here are some common product standards and tests.

Van bướm D371F-16P



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