Pressure Gauges with Switch Contacts. With diverse mounting options and persuasive advantages

Contact gauges

The new series S4634 and S4635 contact gauges with electrical limit contacts and pressure indication can be used anywhere that processes are controlled and a local indication is needed for monitoring vessel pressures.

Advantages: Only one single device and connection is needed for the switching operation and to monitor pressure. Set-point adjustment is carried out in the pressure-less state. As a result, complex adjustment in several pressure cycles is dispensed with. The contact pressure gauges are housed in a stainless steel case. They fulfil the most stringent sealing requirements and have well as one or two switched outputs, and have a 270-degree pressure dial. The very easily adjustable contact lies between 10% and 90% of the local indication range. Our contact pressure gauges comply with the general international metrological recommendations and take into account the application and standard related requirements set forth by EN 837-1.