Đồng hồ áp suất màng General DSPG / LFDSPG / SFDSPG / LSDSPG

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  • Thương hiệu: General
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  • Xuất xứ: Chính hãng
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  • Tình trạng hàng: Mới 100%
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    Thông tin sản phẩm Đồng hồ áp suất màng General DSPG / LFDSPG / SFDSPG / LSDSPG

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    Compliance to latest EN - 837 standard

    Range: (+) 10000 to (-) 10000 mmWc

    All SS internals

    Special design with in Gauges saver also available

    Ref. standard EN837
    Dial 100 mm / 150 mm, aluminium, white background, black markings
    Case SS304 / SS316 with bayonet bezel
    Protection IP-68 (IS:13947 part I / IEC:60529)
    Window Safety glass (shatter proof / toughened glass)
    pointer  Light weight, balanced, aluminium
    Top Chamber SS304 / SS316
    Diaphragm SS316, PTFE lined SS316 (other material optional)
    Bottom Flange SS304 / SS316, SS316 + PTFE Block, PTFE lined SS316 (other material optional)
    Connection 1/2" NPT (M) or flanged (specify size & rating)
    Range Refer table - 3
    Accuracy ±2% FSD (1.6% FSD on request)
    Over range As per EN 837
    Zero adjustment Micrometer pointer
    Blow out disc Provided
    Temperature suitability Ambient (-)20°C to 60°C, Media 100°C
    Temperature Effect Within ±0.8% FSD/10°C, when temperature changes from reference temperature of 20°C (as per EN - 837 standard)
    Optional 1) Flushing connection on the bottom chamber to facilitate cleaning
      2) Liquid Filled Case
      3) Solid Front Case
      4) Special Construction to withstand high design pressure (Built in Gauge Saver)
      5) Built in Snubber
      6) External Knob for zero setting
      7) CE
      8) ATEX
    Note 1) PTFE block construction possible in flange connection alone
      2) PTFE moulded I sections for flanged connections

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